A life-changing journey that makes every Indian feel proud about: MR KHALI



The Great  Khali celebrates his 48 years. Born Dalip Singh Rana on August 27, 1972 in the village of Dhirana, Himachal Pradesh, this famous American wrestler of Indian origin is better known by the ring name The Great Khali of  World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). Despite his great successes around the world, is a very humble man.He did his best as a model and actor and of course his wealth of WWE victories makes all Indians proud. After all, he was the first Indian to win the World Heavyweight Championship in WWE history.

He defeated famous WWE wrestlers The Undertaker and Big Show in the ring. The story of Khali is a story of inspiration and motivation in the face of misery. Her family struggled with poverty and her parents could not afford the school fees of 2.50 rupees, which cost them additional education, Jansatta reports. After that he worked as a gardener in his village with a salary of 5 rupees a day.In his book “The man who became Khali” The man, who is now 2.70 m tall and weighs 157 kg, writes that in the middle of the summer of 1979, when his parents suffered heavy losses from famine and poor harvests,

His teacher paid him the school fee of Rs 2.50 unpaid. Khali remembers himself who not only got his name crossed off the school lists, but also got ridiculed and ridiculed by his wealthy classmates. Then the boy decided never to go to school again. Then he heard about a vacancy in the garden for a day's pay. For only 5 rupees a day, he had to descend the hills to the village 4 km below to plant seedlings. He liked to do this because 5 rupees a day was double what he needed for the monthly tuition. The opening chapters lead the reader through his difficult time and write about the biggest regret of his life - not having completed his basic education. As the fifth dropout, Khali faced a lot of criticism and humiliationHe writes:- “Being uneducated, I know the pain of not receiving a good education.

I had to face a lot of hardships due to a lack of knowledge and communication skills. I remember feeling a sharp sting in my heart when people mocked me because I couldn’t speak English, when I was not able to make quick calculations or when I wasn’t able to fill the participation forms by myself.”Khali, a man who had never heard of WWE, recounts the first time he saw a WWE fight on TV. He writes:- “It increased my interest in wrestling and I found the moves fascinating”The boy was later found by Punjab Police AS Bhullar and offered him a job with the Punjab Police. Khali met famous wrestler Dorian Yates when he accompanied his friend - wrestler Rewari Amit Swami to Indira Gandhi International Airport to see Yates. Yates was impressed by the stature of this boy, who was then called "Dali Singh Rana". The young people took Yates' suggestions seriously and went to Japan for training.

When he joined WWE his fortunes changed and the rest, as they say, is history. He took the name Khali from WWE because he is a follower of the goddess Maa Kaali. The people in WWE couldn't handle the correct pronunciation of Kaali, so they came to Khali - The Great Khali. After retiring from WWE, Khali lives in Atlanta with his wife, Harminder Kaur, whom he married in a match on February 27, 2002. The couple has a daughter Alveena Rana, born on February 26, 2014.

Let's take a look at 10 interesting facts about the Great Khali



  • Khali suffers from acromegaly, a disease closely related to giant growth that causes facial deformities. 

  • Khali entered the world of writing in 2000 under the name Giant Singh.

  • On January 2, 2006, Singh became the first Indian professional wrestler to sign a contract with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

  • Before becoming a professional wrestler, Khali worked for the Punjab Police Department.

  • The wrestler made his television debut on the episode of Smackdown! Khali appeared with his manager and attacked the Undertaker.

  • Khali's contract with WWE in late November 2014 then lost the wrestler's body.

  • Khali participates in the reality show "Bigg Boss", both invested the first second.

  • The wrestler is quite funny and hates alcohol and tobacco. There is also a disciple of the Indian spiritual guru Ashutosh Maharaj.

  • She is married to Indian Harminder Kaur and has one child.

  • Rana was naturalised as a US citizen on February 20, 2014.

Khali currently lives in Houston, USA. Because every Khali fan should see a bald head during the action. On his birthday we wish the Indian wrestler a happy birthday and God bless him with all the happiness in his life.



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