Ashraf Ghani’s message to his fellow countrymen

“Had I stayed there, an elected President of Afghanistan would have been hanged again right before the Afghan’s own eyes”, President Ghani stated in the video.

‘Ashraf Ghani’ president of Afghan affix video on Facebook in which he guarded his choice to run away to Kabul from amid the advancing Taliban and he mention that he is in UAE to avert slaughtering. 

“Had I stayed there, an elected President of Afghanistan would have been hanged again right before the Afghan’s own eyes”, President Ghani stated in the video. 

He swore his fellow countrymen to stick to one’s gun for their justice, the sovereignty of the country and for authentic Islamic principles. 

He continued, mentioning that he is in negotiations to return to Afghanistan. He added if he would have remained back in Afghanistan he would have been hanged to death and thence he has to exile in Dubai.

Secondly, he also seeks to Revoke an allegation that he had embezzled 169 million from state funds by Afghanistan’s ambassador to Tajikistan. He divulges that he was compelled to pull out of Afghanistan with a set of traditional clothes, sandals and a best. 

“Do not believe whoever tells you that your President sold you out and fled for his own advantage and to save his own life” Ghani started in addition, “these accusations are baseless and I heartily discard them.

“I was moved out of Afghanistan in such a way that I didn’t even have the chance to take off my sandals and wear my shoes instead, he added.

Taliban approached Kabul on Sunday and Ghani left Afghanistan as just Taliban proceed towards Kabul. According to reports, between Sunday and Wednesday Ghani’s location was unidentified it was said that he might flee to Oman, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan or Lebanon. 

Ghani has expended his life promoting development in poor countries. The Columbia University doctoral student taught at some of the most prestigious educational organizations in the United States before joining the World Bank and the United Nations. He then co-wrote "Fixing Failed States: A Framework for Rebuilding a Fractured World".

After the US incursion in 2001, Ghani retreated to Afghanistan for the first time in more than a quarter of a century and was Treasury Secretary in a Hamid Karzai-led government for two years. Afterward, Ghani became a beloved of the international humanitarian community, bestowing Ted Talks, writing statements in major publications, and speaking at conferences. At times he was considered a candidate for the office of UN Secretary-General.



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