'China is one of the greatest friends’ : Imran Khan said of the extermination of Uighur Muslims.

Pakistan PM Imran khan in news photos

Imran Khan was recently questioned by a journalist about why he remained silent on Chinese crimes against Uighur Muslims while speaking out against Islamophobia in the West.

Prime Minister Imran Khan of Pakistan has once again turned a blind eye to the Xi Jinping government's genocide of Uighur Muslims in western China's Xinjiang province.

Imran Khan was recently questioned by a journalist about why he remained silent on Chinese crimes against Uighur Muslims while speaking out against Islamophobia in the West and Khan answered by saying that "he is more concerned about what is happening at the border of his country." The Pakistani PM also said that he has been speaking about this with the Chinese people "behind the closed doors;" and as long as he has been informed, "this is not the case, according to the Chinese people."

Why did he feel compelled to publish a public letter denouncing "Islamophobia" in the West, said Jonathan Swan of Axio? " "It happened after the 9/11 attack when the word Islam terrorism came into existence,” Khan explained by adding, "The moment you say Islamic terrorism, the man in the street in the West thinks there is something in Islam that leads to terrorism. Or Islam causes radicalism."

Swan was referring to Khan's letter to the leaders of Muslim-majority nations in October of last year, in which he drew attention to the "increasing Islamophobia that is spreading in European countries where sizeable Muslim populations reside".

The interviewer then questioned Khan about what is going on "at its frontier" about the genocide of Uighur why is he so loud in Europe and the United States against Islamophobia and mute about the murder of Muslims in Western China.

"What our conversations have been with Chinese, this is not the case," Khan said in response. "Whatever issues we have with Chinese, we speak to them behind closed doors. China has been one of the greatest friends to us in our most difficult times. China came to the rescue when our economy was struggling," he also said.

Khan said he didn't comment on what happens in other nations as he is more worried about what happens in his own country. "I look around the world, what is happening in Palestine and Syria, Somalia, Afghanistan. Am I going to start talking about everything? I concentrate on what is happening on my border in my country," he commented.

source - Hindustan times



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