DC Vs MI: DC beats MI by 4 wickets as Iyer, Ashwin and Bowler shine with nervy win

DC beats MI by 4 wickets

DC beats MI by 4 wickets

Delhi scored two points and Mumbai fell lower on the points table. It was such a season for Rohit Sharma and his men. They looked good at times, but usually showed no performance and are now threatened with elimination. Delhi, meanwhile, is just one win away from finishing in the top two. We're not ready for the night yet. In Abu Dhabi, Rajasthan has grown and populated the country.


Krunal Pandya opens the final. He has to defend four of the six deliveries. SIX! Ashwin wins by a maximum. As easy as you want it to be. Why go deep when you can end it in style - Ashwin was brilliant with the bat in a tense chase.

The capitals take 11 races in 12 balls. Boult passed the 19th point of the ball. Ashwin catches a few more balls. Let the strike on the next delivery. It could have been a point but there are two waterfalls at the end! Rohit Sharma is needlessly shy at the end of the non-attack, misses and takes two. Divide the last ball DC 126/6 into 19 overs.

Bumrah on the bowling alley. Make or break for MI. Iyer is on strike. Start with a period, says Bumrah. Iyer and Ashwin take one each. Iyer recorded another single. Smart cricket from these two. That's it - Iyer gets a line from the last ball and DC is almost home. DC 119/6 in 18 copies.

Zero share. Ashwin stands out from the first litter. More importantly, Iyer is on strike again. Coulter-Nile throws a short ball and Iyer takes it out for four. Take a single next ball. Two stitches to finish the top. DC 111/6 in 17 copies.

Boult Bowling in 16 Iyer is suspended. One point and one width at the front. Checked in! Lots of Rohit problems, refusing Iyer a single. However, he got a brace for the next ball; Ashwin pocketed the last ball and held on. DC 105/6 in 16 overs.

Coulter Nile is back. Begins with a period. Ashwin knocks on the door. Ash gets a pair from a drop of krunal. It was pointless. He only has one ball left, including three hits in the last three, including a pass to the leg. DC 100/6 in 15 overs.

The capitals compete against 37 races in 42 spheres. Bumra is back. Bumra strikes. Hetmyer dies on a slower, pierced blade. R Ashwin joins Iyer. Ashwin played three points. There is one bullet left. Maybe a wicket girl. Ashwin fired one of the last DC 94/6 bullets in 14 overs.

Capital letters take 50 to 48 balls. Hetmyer takes cover and takes four of the yadavs. Hetmyer gets another - comes back and stabs Midwicket for four. A single at the end. 13 more of them. DC 93/5 in 13 copies.

Boult is back for second place. He allowed two hits on the first two balls. Axar a lbw! He reviews. The referee's request must be addressed and the decision is made! Patellar leaves. Hetmyer joins Iyer. He went with a quick couple. One of the last DC 80/5 balls in 12 overs.

This is Kieron Pollard. Iyer scored on the first pitch, five points in the top five, including two assists. Axar comes out and beats Pollard at four o'clock. Nine of them. DC 74/4 in 11 translations

The capitals take 65 races in 60 balls.

You don't have to turn around. Krunal replaces Coulter-Nile. Good so far. Four singles. And a single at the end. Five of them. DC 65/4 in 10 overs.

Axar Patel is the new man. He opens his account with a single. Right in front of Yadav - 5 tracks and a ticket office. DC 60/4 in 9 overs.


Jayant Yadav in his third. The pants suit you for a couple. Went! Yadav strikes when the pants are too long!

Sech-Nile is back. Iyer hits Midwicket for a single. Now a few points. Three singles from the last three, including a leg-bye to the last DC 55/3 ball in 8 overs.

Jayant Yadav on the attack. Iyer gets a first ball in pairs, he takes a single next ball and comes out of the stroke. One point later, Pant returns a corset. Five on. It would have been a gor, but that donkey saved Pant. Otherwise it was lbw. DC 51/3 in 7 copies.

Bumra continues. Muffled call for lbw on first ball, but Iyer had an inside edge. He gets a single. Pant uses one of his pads and gets a couple. The pants go over the next midwicket ball and get four. What a great way to end the ending, a direct drive from Pant for four. 11 above. DC 46/3 in 6 translations

Nathan Coulter-Nile punched Smith in the leg! MI are back in that area. Iyer is next. So far the power game has gone to Mumbai. Iyer is not related to anyone. The pants have the advantage of having a lower edge! A couple of stitches to finish off the top. DC 35/3 in 5 overs.

Jasper Bumrah, the nimble right arm, goes to attack. Smith is working on it for a single. Simple pants and find Smith. This time, it's Smith's turn to add the weight by gently pulling and letting go of his long leg. Nine more. DC 30/2 in 4 translations

Smith joins Shaw. Smith started with a single. Rohit was investigating an LBW complaint against Shaw. The first decision is not made. DISAPPEAR! Three shades of red and Shaw has to go. The pants appear in front of Iyer. Pant beat him in Mid Wicket for six years. DC 21/2 in 3 overs.

DC's chief executioner Jayant Yadav arrives. Great workout of Dhawan's back and the ball goes up. TO ANTICIPATE! Pollard with a direct hit from the non-attacking side and Dhawan is surprised. DC 14/1 in 2 overflow

Boult to Shaw. Shaw prepares a tramp to leave. Dhawan was also single. Shaw pierces the inner circle with a protruding blow with his back foot to find the boundary. DC 6/0 ended in 1.

Shaw and Dhawan go in the middle. Mumbai in the caucus with Hardik and Rohit at the helm. These are two crucial hours for Mumbai.

Delhi innings 

Excellent DC bowling performance. Avesh Khan and Axar Patel each took three and Mumbai stammered on 129/8. Surya had the best result with 33. Can DC call easily or will MI be a serious challenge? See you soon with the chase. 


Ashwin to kick off the final. Jayant starts well before six o'clock. Went! Jayant Yadav digs into the next ball and is caught by Smith for cover. Bumrah hits the nail on the head with a single. Krunal Pandya played two points. It ends with a six! End of Wed 129/8. Ashwin today - 4-0-41-1

Avesh, beauty - take York and clean up Hardik! Coulter-Nile is next with a single. Avesh Khan has another one while Coulter-Nile drove perfectly. Jayant Yadav, the new man, releases his front leg and lifts them one by one to the ground. WW 116/7 in 19 times. Avesh Khan: 4-0-15-3.

Nortje at the bowling alley. Hardik walks past the cup of the mug and grabs four. A point later, Hardik draws one for the square and gets four more. Nine of the top five. Point to complete the top. MI 109/5 in 18 copies.

Rabada for bowling. He only hit a first pitch, but it was called a no-ball. The free kick comes. Krunal can only take one. Hardik receives a pair. Moments later, Krunal takes you to a well-deserved limit. A few strokes to finish the ball. 12 overs and boxes from Mumbai in 100. MI 100/5 in 17 overs.


Avesh Khan starts his third. After 10 points in a row, DC only loses one! Talk about the increased pressure. Some of them end up being 12 balls and only 1 run for MI. MI 88/5 in 16 copies.

GONE! Mumbai Keeps Sinking While Nortje Pollard Cleans Up! He cut through. Krunal comes out. Can the Pandya brothers do magic here? The powerful midfielder from Mumbai has been beaten several times this season. Meanwhile, Nortje plays with a young girl at the cash register. MI 87/5 in 15 copies. Previous editions of Nortjes - 3-0-10-1.

It's Ashwin. He hasn't played well with the ball so far. Welcome back from Ash - seven from above, two from afar. MI 87/4 in 14 copies.

Axar Patel at the bowling alley. Axar was brilliant today - the slowness of the bridge only increased the threat. STREET! Tiwary walks away, takes the wrong shot and pays the price, and Patel gets another one. Hardik Pandya joins Kieron Pollard. 4-0-21-3: Axar. MI 80/4 in 13 copies.

Rabada continues. Awarded by Kagiso. Four tracks, two singles and a walk. Three more. Great rabada skills that combine rhythm and length. MI 76/3 in 12 copies.

Axar Patel in his third. The golden arm strikes again - Suryakumar Yadav perishes - long holes. This is Kieron Pollard. But it's Tiwary who punches - he knocks you out for four. 7 tracks and a ticket counter. MI 73/3 in 11 overs.

Rabada resumed after the break. Just a few hits on the first four balls. Yadav now finds his contact, he cleared one in the middle of the deep wicket for six! Nine over more. MI 66/2 in 10 copies.


Patel continues. Thanks to this patel, Yadav can easily score five goals from the second ball MI 57/2 in 9 copies.

Ashwin returns to attack. Position yourself in front of Tiwary to take a single first ball. Shot - Yadav Slog sweeps this to the deep center of the wicket for four. Another limit - this time it exceeds the short penalty for another four. 12 left. MI 52/2 in 8 copies.

Axar Patel with the breakthrough! Qdk goes. The left-hander hit a wide ball to the right at Nortje. Saurabh Tiwary is the new man inside. Saurabh came out with one simple sentence. 5 tracks and a ticket counter. MI 40/2 in 7 copies.

Nortje to complete the power play. Only a few singles have managed to do this. A small change. Create boss frustration like crazy swings on a slower ball and duds! Single of the last ball. MI 35/1 in 6 times.

Rabada on the attack. Welcomed by Qdk as often as possible - but a first in this area! A run later, De Kock got a pair. A single from the penultimate ball hits Yadav. Nine over more. MI 32/1 in 5 copies.

It's Avesh, no slipping. Yadav strikes. Three points. Avesh has been brilliant for Delhi this season. Yadav finally gets a third single. 2 tracks from above. WW23 / 1 in 4 steps.

Ashwin in the bowl, in pants. Suryakumar Yadav missed the goal with an easy single. He would need a beating today. Ash vs QDK should be a tempting game. For now QDK takes a single. Yadav slipped hard and took six! Nine songs from there. WW21 / 1 to 3 times.

Avesh Khan is attacking now. A few points to begin with. Rohit is right. Three points in a row. Good start. The four spheres are enlarged. STREET! The pressure built up after those better shots - Rohit tries to break free in one fell swoop, but the extra jump and pace has reduced Rohit to third man. Surya in 3. But QDK strikes. The left-hander whips you in the middle of the wicket for four. WW12 / 1 in 2 steps.

Anrich Nortje should get the new ball back. Rohit is right. Click on Location. Rohit came out of goal with a limit - a half volley in his pads and a shot. A few points later, Rohit takes a few. Follow with just one. Point to complete the top. MI 7/0 took 1st place.

The two referees move towards the center. The Delhi players and the two MI openers come out.

Rohit Sharma and Quinton von Kock expect a solid start against a massive attack from DC.

Last year's finalists agree. MI must keep winning to stay in the league, DC must win to get into the top two

TOSS UPDATE: The Delhi Capitals won the pack and decided to go bowling. A move for Delhi - Prithvi Shaw replaces Lalit Yadav. Relocation to Mumbai - Jayant Yadav replaces Rahul Chahar.

Mumbai Indians (playing XI): Rohit Sharma (c), Quinton de Kock (w), Suryakumar Yadav, Saurabh Tiwary, Hardik Pandya, Kieron Pollard, Krunal Pandya, Nathan Coulter-Nile, Jayant Yadav, Jasprit Bumrah, Trent Boult

Delhi Capitals (plays XI): Prithvi Shaw, Shikhar Dhawan, Steven Smith, Shreyas Iyer, Rishabh Pant (w/c), Shimron Hetmyer, Axar Patel, Ravichandran Ashwin, Kagiso Rabada, Avesh Khan, Anrich Nortje

This is Mumbai's first game this season in Sharjah. The draw is a few minutes away.

Quinton de Kock, Mumbai Indians: "I think it's going to be a slow wicket, especially playing in the day and it's going to be tough from the batting point of view. We know what needs to be done, it's going to be a grinding day with the bat. It's just a matter of getting out there and getting the job done."

Steve Smith, Delhi Capitals: "Coming up against a good Mumbai side and we are starting to get towards the business end of the tournament, so hopefully keep building and ensure that we are playing our best cricket in the finals. We have seen a lot of low-scoring games here, the wicket's pretty tired, it's pretty difficult to hit boundaries. Just being smart, adapting to whatever the conditions we are faced with today and doing that really quickly."



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