Democracy for diversity, Terror fight for vaccine - When India grows, so does the world: PM Modi

Democracy for diversity

Democracy for diversity

Expressing a broad view of India's role on the world stage and questioning the effectiveness and credibility of the United Nations, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday described India as the "mother of democracy" and said that "democracy  can deliver” and “delivered”.In his 21-minute speech at the UN General Assembly - his fourth from the podium since 2014 - the prime minister took on China's expansionism in the Indo-Pacific and its potential to undermine international institutions. 

He cited the example of rigging the World Bank's Ease of Doing Business rankings.Underlining that the world is facing "regressive thinking and growing threat of extremism", Modi asked the global community to remain vigilant and ensure that no country takes advantage of the "fragile situation" in Afghanistan.  Do not try to lift and use it as one.  "Tools for self-interest".Targeting Pakistan after his discussions with Quad leaders and US President Joe Biden,

He drew attention to Islamabad's "regressive thinking" and its use of "terrorism as a political tool".Modi called on the international fraternity at the United Nations not to leave Afghanistan where people, including women, children and minorities, need help.Fresh from the Quad summit, which dealt with the concept of a free and open Indo-Pacific, he said: “Our oceans are also our shared heritage, and therefore we must keep in mind that we should only use marine resources, not misuse them. 

In addition, our oceans are also the lifeline of international trade.  We must save them from the race of expansion and exclusion.  The international community must speak in one voice to strengthen the rules-based world order. The broad consensus in the Security Council during India's presidency shows the world - the way forward for maritime security."He used Beijing's threats to global governance to argue in favor of reforming international institutions.“If the United Nations is to stay relevant, it'll got to improve its effectiveness and increase its credibility. All kinds of questions are being raised about the UN today.

We have seen such questions arise associated with the climate crisis. And we have seen them even during COVID, the proxy wars in many parts of the world, terrorism and the recent Afghan crisis, further highlighting the seriousness of these questions. With regard to the origin of COVID, or the ranking of ease of doing business, institutions of global governance have damaged the credibility they have built, which was the result of decades of hard work”, he said sharply but cautiously. Said- a fabricated criticism of the United Nations system.Unlike China, the prime minister invoked India's "great tradition of democracy" that dates back thousands of years, and said, "Our diversity is the hallmark of our strong democracy. 

It is a country with dozens of languages, hundreds of dialects, different lifestyles and cuisines.  It is the best example of a vibrant democracy.  The strength of our democracy is demonstrated by the fact that a little boy who once helped his father at his tea stall at the railway station is addressing the United Nations General Assembly for the fourth time today as the Prime Minister of India.His statement came a day after President Biden called on their meeting at the White House, which said the India-US partnership is about a "shared responsibility to uphold democratic values" and "their joint commitment to diversity".Recalling that he would soon have spent 20 years serving the country as head of government - first, as Gujarat's longest-serving chief minister and then, as prime minister for the past seven years.

 He said, "Yes, democracy can deliver.  Yes, democracy has delivered."Deen Dayal Upadhyay - Saturday was his birth anniversary - and invoking his philosophy of "integral humanism", Modi outlined his vision of governance, where no one is left behind.Keeping this principle in mind, today India is moving ahead on the trail of integrated equitable development. Our priority is that development should be all inclusive, all comprehensive, universal and nurturing all,” he said as he counted the beneficiaries within the government's flagship schemes like Jan Dhan, Ayushman Bharat.And he linked India's progress to the global growth trajectory when he said: "Every sixth person in the world is an Indian. 

When Indians make progress, it also accelerates the development of the world.  When India grows, the world grows.  When India reforms, the world changes."And when he spoke on the development of the world's first DNA vaccine, an mRNA vaccine in the final stages of development and the development of a nasal vaccine, he spoke about India's decision to export vaccines once again after a hiatus.  Confirmed.In this context, he called upon the vaccine manufacturers to come to India and make the vaccine.  “I also extend an invitation to vaccine manufacturers around the world. Come, make vaccines in India,”

He said.He also emphasized the importance of technology in the lives of people today.  However, he added, "In this ever-changing world, it is equally important to ensure technology along with democratic values." As he spoke of India's record on climate action and its ambitious vision including renewable energy targets and green hydrogen, he also criticized developed countries, "I am sure you all appreciate India's efforts on climate.  Feel proud too. Changes compared to those made by large and developed nations today.  "On the occasion of its 75th year of independence, he said that India is going to launch 75 satellites being built by Indian students in schools and colleges.On the threat of extremism and the issue of Afghanistan,

He said: “Today, the world is facing regressive thinking and a growing threat of extremism.  In such a situation, the whole world should make science based rational and progressive thinking the basis of development.  He outlined India's vision in his school curriculum through Atal Tinkering Laboratories.On the other hand, he said, "Countries with regressive thinking which are using terrorism as a political tool. These countries should understand that terrorism is an equally big threat to them.



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