Dr. Naresh Trehan says that 90% of Covid – 19 patients will recover at home.

Dr. Naresh Trehan says that 90% of Covid – 19 patients will recover at home.

Dr. Naresh Trehan says that 90% of Covid – 19 patients will recover at home.

As the country has been hit hard by the second wave of Coronavirus with catastrophic effects, many people are getting panicked because of the ongoing situation. Hence, to make people aware, one of the top doctors named Dr. Naresh Trehan of Medanta has claimed that the surge in the cases can be broken by following ‘Covid – appropriate behavior.’ 

He said that out of the total number of people who catch hold of novel Coronavirus, 90% of them could be treated and recover at home only if they follow their medication on time. 

He asked people to immediately consult their local doctor after being tested positive at RT – PCR report as all the doctors are now well aware of the protocol and will initiate the treatment. He stated, “As soon as your RT – PCR report comes positive, my advice would be to consult your local doctor. All doctors nowadays know the protocol and will begin your treatment accordingly”.

Apart from medication or following the Covid – 19 protocols, Dr. Trehan claims Yoga being effective in keeping the body and mind fit. He mentioned ‘Anulom Volim’ (a form of Yoga) to be perfect for expanding the lungs. He stated, “Yoga’s ‘Anulom Vilom’ exercise is very effective in expanding our lungs because when you take a deep breath, the exchange of oxygen is more.”

The total tally of the country has reached 16.96 million infections as Sunday reported 349,691 new Covid positive cases with a death toll standing at 192,311 as 2767 deaths were reported on the same day. 

Apart from Dr. Trehan, AIIMS Director Randeep Guleria, Department of Medicine’s head at AIIMS, Dr. Naveet Wig, and Director General Health Services Sunil Kumar are also a few of other specialists who spoke about the issues related to the coronavirus crisis. 

Speaking about the issue of oxygen shortage, Dr. Trehan claimed that the prime reason for the scarce oxygen is transportation. He stated, “This is a challenge. The Steel Industries, which are the biggest manufacturers of oxygen for their consumption, offered to provide oxygen. But the issue is related to oxygen transportation. For this, special tankers have been ordered, and the government is helping them in transportation. The supply chain can improve in five to seven days”.

Urging people and the hospitals not to panic, he claimed that the resources have to be used efficiently. He said, “The understanding of patients, wastage of oxygen and judicious use of oxygen by the hospitals can bridge the supply of oxygen. We have to use the resources carefully”.

He stressed using the oxygen judiciously by the doctors. He said that certain criteria decide whether a patient is required to get admitted to a hospital, thereby urging the doctors to make sure to consider the criteria while admitting any patient in a hospital. He stated, “Patient’s lungs’ conditions, blood test reports, comorbidities, and age create a scenario under which we can say if it is right for them to be hospitalized…I would like to tell doctors to keep in mind that who has to be recommended to hospital”. 

He claimed of rationalizing the use of oxygen and increase the number of hospital beds that will eventually lead to less panic amongst the public. He said, “The balance between Covid care centers run by hospitals and hospitals must coordinate. This will rationalize the use of oxygen, increase the availability of beds, and the public will not panic. 

Lastly, emphasizing on public’s collective support against this, he said, “We can win the war if the public supports us. The government is responding to the demands”.

Source: Hindustan Times



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