Everything about Halloween the Origin, history, facts, and celebrations.

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

What is Halloween?

Halloween or Hallowe’en is also known as All Saints’ Eve is a celebration that is observed on the 31st of October. It is mainly celebrated in the Western countries in much of Europe and most of North America. Even in many non-Christians countries around the world. This celebration of this day takes place the day before the Western Christian feast of All Saints and initiates the season of Allhallowtide, which lasts up to three days and concludes with All Souls’ Day. The meaning of Halloween is “hallowed evening”. 

Little Children dress up as ghosts and the custom of decorating the house is historically and is mostly done with orange and black.

Origin and the history:

The origin of Halloween goes back to the Celtic festival of “Samhain”, 2000 years ago the Celts resided mostly in the area which is now Ireland. The United Kingdom and the northern part of France celebrate their new year’s eve on 1st of November. The day of Halloween is marked during the end of the summer and the beginning of the dark and cold winter. This is that time of the year which is associated with the death of humans. It is also believed that the spirits return to the Earth to harm the living humans and the crops. 

The Celts even had a believe that on this night the line and the boundary between the haven and the earth becomes blurred, henceforth they celebrate this night as “Samhaim”, as it is believed that that there is  return of the ghosts of the dead people on the Earth. This ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, is celebrated by wearing spooky dresses and by lighting bonfire.  

Hence people dress up in spooky costumes to ward away ghosts and spirits who are henceforth believed that, they come to visit the earth from the world of Dead. This day is related to the sprits, ghosts and the wizards as it believed that they turn up during this day to destroy the lives and the crops on the earth. The lining of the earth and the land of the dead gets blurred and the sprits travel through that, land to reach on the Earth.   

The celebrations:

Halloween is celebrated mostly by dressing up spookily. The costumes and the dresses of the Halloween are spooky and creepy. Over the years the celebrations have changed and as of now people dress up along with the themes. Children are stocked up by amazing spooky candies. Another way you can make this day much spookier is by decorating your house with lights, which will create a spooky vibe in the every corner of your house. The most famous being the “Scary Pumpkin”, and other than that you can also give a little twist to your house. All you need to do is just paint the a few white sheets, with red to give the creepy look and spread those sheets over the furniture of your house. You can also paint your walls with red color to give that spooky feeling of the dripping blood. Other than that you can also opt for some printed witches and bats and bats are a very important element of Halloween. All you have to do is just paint your walls with orange and paste some bat prints to create a pure horror feelings. 

If you are organizing a party and have invited your friends, then try something new this time. We all know that the scary pumpkin is the limelight of Halloween, and to give it a twist all you need to do is paint some pumpkins, with orange and black to give that horror feeling and along with that crave some scary faces and keep these pumpkins, outside your house along with some candles to give a pure spooky and horror vibe. 

The foods for the spooky day:

We know that Halloween is celebrated with spooky and scary dresses and by creating your house with some truly spooky stuffs. Halloween is not celebrated for eating food but the celebrations are not over if you don’t get crazy for some finger licking foods that can be made during this day. Just dig into some simple recipes and give it a twist to create a ghostly atmosphere. You can prepare some cakes and give it a twist with some skull headed layering, you can even create some skull pastries which looks exactly like the human skull. You can shape your cookies with some ghostly figures. You can even prepare muffies and pastries and can simply decorate that with the shape of bats too. For the drinks you can opt for Witches’ Brew to give a ghostly look to your food platter. 

Some of the facts of Halloween: 

1. Halloween is a cultural mashup.

2. dressing up in costumes was once a way to hide from ghosts.

3.Jack-o'-lanterns were originally carved into turnips.

4.Trick-or-treating might've evolved from the medieval custom of "souling" in England.

 5.Cats have been part of the history of Halloween for centuries.

6.The history of Halloween includes a lot of romance.



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