Let’s differentiate between GRE and GMAT Exam

Difference between GRE and GMAT Exam

Difference between GRE and GMAT Exam

People often think that GRE and GMAT are similar tests but the differences are not clearly known which makes you curious. Here is a full guide to differentiate between both the tests on different grounds to help you select the perfect test you need for developing your career. Here is the outline of the article-

The basic difference between GRE and GMAT

5 Differentiating criteria which will help you decide which exam suits you best

1.Problem Resolution



4.Vocabulary and Language

5.Verbal Response

Which is easier, GRE or GMAT?

GMAT verbal vs GRE verbal

By highest score-

By degree-

By programme-

GMAT quant vs GRE quant

Frequently asked questions(FAQs)

1. Which exam is more expensive in India, GRE or GMAT?

2.Which exam is more scoring?

3. Is it better to take GMAT or GRE for MBA?

4. Can a GMAT or GRE score get you into medical school?

The basic difference between GRE and GMAT

GMAT and GRE are two different exams that can be used in different ways. The GRE, or Graduate Record Examination, is a scoring test that measures your mathematical ability. The GRE is what is used by many graduate programs as a third-party score to determine which applicants to the graduate school they would like to review.

The GMAT, or Graduate Management Admission Test, is a scoring test used by business schools for admission to their undergraduate degree programs. The GMAT is scored on a 1-9 scale, and a high score is ranked in the highest percentile.

 By now you know what is GRE and what is GMAT. in this particular article we will know the difference between both similar sounding tests. The exams are differentiated on the basis of the below-mentioned criteria-  

  1. Test Fees

  2. Number of business schools accepting them

  3. Test duration

  4. Test design

  5. Test structure

  6. Scoring system

    5 Differentiating criteria which will help you decide which exam suits you best

1. Problem Resolution

It’s no secret that the difference between the GMAT and the GRE is what makes for the perfect score in most cases. Here are 6 differentiating criteria that the best applicants use.  The GRE is not designed for problem-solving and pattern recognition. The number of correct answers that one needs to achieve the minimum GRE score is at par with the scores in other standardized tests like SAT and ACT, and requires you to spend plenty of time on solving the problems. To get an accurate picture of how quickly you can handle problems, test this yourself. Look at all the correct answers that you have identified and rate their difficulty from easiest to hardest. You can also try and tackle the easiest problems first to understand and learn the solving methods of these problems.


The GMAT is designed for mathematical reasoning and problem solving and does not emphasize written reasoning as much as the GRE. Writing speed is very crucial for getting an accurate read on your level of mathematical knowledge and problem-solving skills. Since you don’t need to write an essay, practice solving problems by doing math problems. For those who don’t have any mathematical background and/or are not good at it, try doing some mental math problems. Math and science make up the backbone of most business and technical profiles and your overall score in these areas heavily impacts your GMAT score.


The GMAT is designed for those who are good at thinking about how to approach a problem. It focuses heavily on quantitative and analytical aptitude and is designed to test the skills of reasoning, judgment, analysis, and evaluation. Being a person with a strong theoretical background and sufficient math skills is the key for getting an accurate score in the GMAT.

4.Vocabulary and Language

This section is a serious strength of the GRE. It doesn’t test your ability to think fast and talk fast but focuses on conveying information in your spoken language. Don’t waste time trying to solve riddles and answer multiple-choice questions to boost your verbal score. Understand the language that you’re speaking and speak in it fluently. This will reflect in your verbal score.

5.Verbal Response

In most cases, the easiest way to boost your verbal score is by responding to interview questions asked by the GMAT administrator. The best way to address these is by preparing a quick response and memorizing it. The minute you see the question, reply with it.

Analyzing the average time taken for an applicant to secure admission to a business school, it is reasonable to estimate that an average GMAT score is around 600. However, GMAT test scores are not restricted to business schools. They are used for admission to any graduate school that requires a GMAT score for admissions. In other words, even if an applicant scores a 535, she can make the cut and get admitted into a quality graduate school by either increasing her verbal or quantitative score.


Which is easier, GRE or GMAT

Which is easier, GRE or GMAT

I think it is probably closer to a 50/50 debate. I would say that the GMAT gives you a lot more time to develop your skills and think on your feet, and the GRE is designed for quicker, cut-and-dry answers.

1.  GMAT verbal vs GRE verbal

  • By highest score-

GMAT verbal was the easier of the two, taking 41.45% of the top 30 scorers, while GRE verbal took 31.94%. In a testament to the superiority of the GMAT verbal, only 1 of the 31 GRE verbal scorers managed a GMAT verbal score over 700. Other than the top scorers, the GMAT verbal did the best against GRE verbal in the test takers who scored within the top 20. In fact, it scored on average (6.28%) more than the GRE verbal scores (5.82%). The mean GMAT verbal score in all of the top MBA schools was 706, whereas the mean GRE verbal score was 537.

  • By degree-

Though a higher GMAT verbal score could help you, many admissions committees also require applicants to submit a GRE verbal. The two are very similar since a good GMAT verbal scores highly in both theory and practice. However, the average GRE verbal score is higher than the mean GMAT verbal score in all of the top 30 MBA programs. A lower GRE verbal score (like the mean GRE verbal score of 537) is likely to be a negative factor for many admissions committees.

  • By programme-

Once again, we see a clear difference between the GMAT verbal and GRE verbal scores.For example, among the top 30 MBA programs, the mean GMAT verbal score of 706 is much closer to the mean GRE verbal score of 537. The mean GMAT verbal score of those who achieved a score of 701 or more was 706 while those who scored between 695 and 701 had an average score of 706. For this reason, it makes a lot of sense for students who have scored in the top 1% on the GMAT verbal to try to obtain a mean GMAT verbal score of 700 or above. They will still have a bit of room to improve, but a score of 700 or higher will be considered very high for this program.

To conclude between verbal of both, take the GMAT because there are many different ways to improve your GMAT verbal score. The most important things to know are that you should aim to get as close to 700 as you can, but that you should also be prepared to take additional GMAT practice tests to increase your GMAT verbal score.

1. GMAT quant vs GRE quant

GMAT Quant is viewed as harder than GRE Quant. GMAT Quant tests your critical thinking abilities. Additionally, the information adequacy questions are very difficult. GRE permits you to utilize a calculator and GMAT doesn't, despite the fact that GRE quant questions are simpler than GMAT.

Frequently asked questions(FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which exam is more expensive in India, GRE or GMAT?

The registration cost of GRE is $205 while the registration cost of GMAT is $250. If you consider the total expense of the exam from preparation cost to post-exam expenses then the cost of the GMAT exam will be more because even if you clear the exam in the first chance without rescheduling and other services the cost will be e around $750 but the cost of GRE can be minimised using various scholarships and the preparation can be done using free study material available at the official site.
2.Which exam is more scoring?
Scores on both are scaled, usually from 130 to 200, with 130 being the minimum required to score high. For the GMAT, the medium level is 200 and the highest is 2400. The average GRE score for college graduates was 6.094. On the other hand, for the Graduate Management Admission Test, the average GRE score for graduate management school applicants was 6.535.

3. Is it better to take GMAT or GRE for MBA?

It is always better to take GMAT and GRE if you are planning to pursue MBA from a good business school because some institutions make it compulsory to attempt GMAT rather than GRE for admission. Moreover, GMAT focus is on quantitative questions data sufficiency, and verbal questions which focus on your analytical skills and data interpretation from text charts tables except which will make you more efficient to become good in the management sector overtaking GRE in which the focus is is on more versatile subjects in specific fields like language verbal communication and critical reasoning with the permission of use of calculators for solving quantitative problems. First of all, you need to ensure that you confirm the admission criteria of the particular MBA school and then attempt the test by choosing the required exam whether it be GMAT or GRE.

4. Can a GMAT or GRE score get you into medical school?

Obviously, if you want to be a doctor, you need to score well on both the GRE and GMAT tests. Also, as mentioned earlier, GRE and GMAT are different tests that measure different sets of skills, so different combinations of your scores would be useful. The end of year National Graduate Record Examinations (NREs) in India are about to start and schools are planning to use scores from these tests to select students for medical schools. The GSAT is a collection of all the tests on the track taken by students at all levels in a single exam. Similarly, GPAT is another collection of tests and NREs and GPAT is used to select students for medical school in India.
Students who score close to a perfect 2400 on their GRE test are almost guaranteed admission in the medical school.“The higher the GRE score, the higher the GPAT score,” Dr. K Srinath Reddy, member of the admission committee, AIIMS, told Quartz. For the 2019 medical entrance exam, all seats are reserved for those who have scored between 700 and 750 on the GRE. Most students at these institutes aren't coming from top-class schools and hence score lower on the tests compared to those who study at schools where students routinely score over 800 on the Gre. The new rule, they hope, will make candidates more competitive. The AIIMS admission committee said that admissions based on the GRE will continue, but they are planning to make it "more transparent".



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