India had anticipated the second wave yet no serious action was taken 

India had anticipated the second wave yet no serious action was taken 


India had anticipated the second wave of COVID-19 and yet there were no serious actions taken to cure and keep the case in hand. There were no real efforts for Public health mitigation until the number of cases were touching the sky and this is one of the biggest lessons learnt In this pandemic that if you wait too long, we are going to have a much bigger crisis. Amid the worst surge of COVID-19 infections as a second wave of pandemic the death toll is close to 200, 000 with starving hospitals of life saving medical oxygen and bed. 

A few weeks ago India was being praised for being global vaccine manufacturer and today we stand empty-handed with no sufficient vaccines for our own population and will look towards other nations for support and help. The citizen question that didn’t you see this coming?

Despite of complete evidences of rise in cases there was no strict action taken at the very beginning and therefore today the situation is so worst that at every level we have failed. By mid-February it was sure that the second wave has started hitting India and by early March it was crystal clear that this second wave is going to be 10 times more severe than the first one but still a government and our ministries a blind couldn’t see this coming and eventually it’s the middle man and lower class who are paying for this condition.

We will prioritising the Kumbh Mela and the election rallies and Corona virus took this as the best opportunity to spread itself all over the nation. Yes it is our mistake because we remained blind even after seeing everything. The authorities are now being questioned by courts and every citizen who lives in this nation but ‘ab kya karna jab chidiya chug gayi khet’. 

And now all we have in our hands to save ourselves and others life is to stay at home and not go out anywhere, to wear masks properly and to maintain proper social distancing. This Covid appropriate behaviour is our only hope to defeat this second wave or else we will be defeated. It is not a time to blame the other for whatever the situation is rather we must unite as one and help each other in this crisis.

Sources : Hindustan Times 



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