Navratri: history, significance, vidhi, pooja timing, and everything you need to know

Navratri: history, significance

Navratri: history, significance

Navratri which means “Nine nights' ', in Sanskrit. It is also known as Ashwin Navratri, Shardiya Navaratri or it is also known as Durga puja, is a nine day long festival which is dedicated to Devi Durga and her nine forms, which is also known as “Navdurga''. It is one of the main festivals of Hinduism, and is celebrated with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm all over the country.

This festival occurs for over nine days, which usually occurs in the month of Ashvin (September or October). The nine day long festival ends on the 10th day, which is celebrated as “vijayadashami”. Navaratri depends on a lunar calendar, and hence in some years it is celebrated for 8 days, and Dussehra on the 9th day. There are a total of 5 Navratras in the Hindu Panchang, and the names of those Navaratri are related with the name of the month, which include Chaitra, Aashad, Ashwin, Paush, Magh. Out of this the most significant is the “Ashwin Navarata’ or Sharad Navaratra. These nine days are dedicated to the Goddesses' nine avatars, and each day is associated with an incarnation of the different avatar of Devi Durga. 

Navratri is celebrated in various different parts of India in different manners. This festival is celebrated mainly through fasting and strictly going on a vegetarian diet, observing the strict abstaining from non-veg and alcohol, and certain spices. Another popular ritual of this festival is observed on the eighth day which is known as “Asthami’, in this ritual nine young girls are dressed beautifully in the different avatar of Devi Durga, and are worshipped with a ritual of foot washing and the girls are offered food and clothing and gifts. In the eastern part of the country, Devi Durga is worshipped, for her victory over the buffalo headed demon “Mahishasura”, and thus the goddess is considered as the symbol of victory over evil.  In the western state of India which is Gujarat this festival is observed for nine days, and people celebrate it by doing Garba.        

The date and timings of 2021:

Maa Durga: Pooja timing

Maa Durga: Pooja timing

The nine forms of the goddess are: Shailaputri, Brahmacharini, Chandraghanta, Kushmanda, Skanda Mata, Katyayani, Kalaratri, Mahagauri, and Siddhidatri. This year in 2021, according to the Hindu calendar, Saradiya Navaratri is set to begin on 7th October 2021 and will end on 15th October 2021.

The last three days which are “Ashtami, Navami, Dashami '', where Ashtami will begin on 13th October, which is followed by Navami on 14th October and 15th October will be observed as Dashami. As of 2021 according to the Hindu calendar the festival will last for 8 days, because Trithiya and Chaturi both will be observed on 9th of October. 

The timings October 7: Pratipada, October 8: Dwitiya, October 9: Tritiya and Chaturthi, October 10: Panchami, October 11: Shashti, October 12: Saptami. October 13: Ashtami, October 14: Navami, October 15: Dashami. The timings of puja for Ashtami, Navami and Dashami. The auspicious timings and Tithi for these days are: Asthami Tithi will last from 9:47 pm on October 12 to 8:07 pm on October 13,

The Navami Tithi will began from 8:07 pm on October 13 and end at 6:52 pm, October 14 and the tithi for Dashami which will be observed on 15th of October and the tithi is scheduled from between 1:59 pm and 2:46 pm, whereas the timings of  Aparahna Puja is between 1:12 pm and 3:33 pm.

The Significance of Navaratri:

The festival of “Navratri”is observed as an importance in the Hindu Mythology. And hence the festival is celebrated and is observed all over the country for various different reasons, and for this reason it is celebrated differently in the various parts of the country. According to the Hindu mythology, the overall significance of the festival has a common theme of defeating the devil and evil and the victory of goddess Durga over the demon. Navaratri ends on the 10th Day on the note of “Dussehra”, which is celebrated as Lord Rama defeated and killed Ravana, to free Sita from the clutches of the Devil Ravana, and this day is also celebrated because of the Victory of goodness over evil. In the northern and the western part of India it is celebrated as “Ram Lila”, and in the Southern states it is celebrated due to the victory of god Ram.   



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