Pushkar temple of Brahma, Lord Brahma: Who Created the Universe, humans, but never worshipped

Brahama and vishnu

Brahama and vishnu

Brahma is “The Creator” and one of the Trimurti includes Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. Brahma is sometimes referred to as Svayambhu which means Self born. He is the supreme lord of knowledge and Vedas. 

There are a lot of stories and beliefs about the birth of Brahma. Some say that he created himself in a Hiranyagarbha, which means in a golden egg. Whereas the major of Hindu Puranas says that he was born in a lotus  emerging from the navel of Vishnu. The devotees of Shiva believe that he was born from Lord Shiva, and the goddess-centric believes that Devi created the Universe, including Brahma.

Brahma is commonly represented as a red or golden complexioned bearded man, with four heads and hands. Hindu Puranas mention that the four heads of Brahma represent the four Vedas.He is seated on the Lotus with his vahana hamsa. 

Creation of Universe: What was in the beginning of the Universe?

In the beginning, Brahma created good & evil and light & dark from his own person. Brahma has created the four livings: Gods, Demons, Ancestors and Men. According to puranas, Brahma created his children from his mind and temed as Manasputra. He then created other living things on the planet. Some scriptures say that the Prajapati Daksha, one of Manasputra of Brahma, has created the other things and established a balance between life and nature.

How was Human Being Created, what are the five elements?

There are always a lot of questions about how humans created, what are the five elements, does God reside in us? Here is the answer.

The Upanishad has mentioned that the Soul is Brahman and the God is within every living being. In the pantheistic Kutsayana Hymn,"Thou art Brahma, thou art Vishnu, thou art Rudra (Shiva), thou art Agni, Varuna, Vayu, Indra, thou art All." Which means that the human body is created with five elements and there supreme lords residing within.

Pushkar Temple of Brahma

Pushkar Temple of Brahma

Pushkar Temple of Brahma

There are many stories and beliefs about Pushkar Temple and Brahma Ji abandoned to be worshipped by any living being. 

Ego of Brahma, Curse of Shiva

The devotees of Shiv believe that after creating the universe and every living being Brahma thinks that he was the Supreme Power. When Vishnu tried to dilute his ego they both got in an endless fight of a thousand centuries. Then from somewhere an Atmalinga, a form of Shiva comes between them and suggests to them a solution which can end their fight. They both had to find the beginning and ending of the Atmalinga. They both agree, and Vishnu went for the end whereas Brahma proceeded for the beginning. 

After a thousand years of searching they both came to know that there was no beginning and ending of this Atmalinga. But as Brahma wanted to be the Supreme than Vishnu, he took the help of a Kaitki flower. He asked Kaitki to be his witness and in return Kaitki will be the supreme flower to worship Brahma. Kaitki agreed and they both returned. 

Savitri Temple Pushkar

Savitri Temple Pushkar

On asking Brahma he told that he found the beginning and the kaitki was the witness. On asking Vishnu, he told politely that he did not find the end and discovered that Atmalinga was endless. Again asking about his view on the beginning, Vishnu said that there was no beginning of anything that had no ending. Then Shiva came in his real form and cursed Brahma to be the creator of Universe and everything but not to be worshipped anywhere by anyone. And the Kaitki was prohibited to be used in Shiva worship.

Whereas Vishnu for his truth got a place in Lord Shiva Heart.

Curse of Savitri, Marriage with Gayatri

According to Padam Purana, once the demon Vajranabha (Vajranash in another version) was trying to kill Brahma’s child and harassing people. Brahma with his lotus flower slew him and in the process lotus petals fell on the ground at three places, creating 3 lakes: the Pushkar Lake or Jyeshta Pushkar (greatest or first Pushkar), the Madya Pushkar (middle Pushkar) Lake, and Kanishta Pushkar (lowest or youngest Pushkar) lake. Brahma named the place as Pushkar and decided to perform a yajna, but at the time of yajna his wife Savitri was not there as she was waiting for her companion goddesses Lakshmi, Parvati and Indrani.

Then Brahma requested Indra to find a suitable girl for him to marry and complete the ritual. Indra found a milkmaid and Vishnu and Shiva and the priest certified her purity as she had passed through a cow. She was named Gayatri. Brahma married Gayatri and completed the yajna. 

When Savitri found Gayatri at her place, she cursed Brahma that he would never be worshipped, but then reduced the curse permitting his worship in Pushkar. Savitri also cursed Indra to be easily defeated in battles, Vishnu to suffer the separation from his wife as a human, the Agni(fire-god ) who was offered the yajna to be all-devouring and the priests officiating the yajna to be poor.

Gayatri, endowed with yajna abilities, mitigated Savitri's curse, blessing Pushkar to be the king of pilgrimages, Indra to retain his heaven forever, Vishnu to be born as the human Rama and finally unite with his spouse, and the priests to become scholars and venerated. As a result, the Pushkar temple is the sole one devoted to Brahma. Savitri then migrated into the Ratnagiri hill and became a part of it by erupting as the Savitri Jharna (stream), which has a temple dedicated to her.



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