Samir Wankhede along with the other officers who were called out to be “violating” their oath

Samir Wankhede

Samir Wankhede

The cruise drugs case and the arrest of Aryan Khan has created a tremendous, amount of violence and the outrage in the country has spread like wildfire. The cruise drugs case has given a whole new point to the audience to think about the nasty side of Bollywood. The arrest of Aryan Khan has created waves of questions, as it is said that there is no such thing which can further justify his arrest. Prior to his arrest Wankhede has got another tag along with his name “Star”, his has received a lot of tags. The ordeal has given another turnout to his name,

He was even called with different names. He was even called a hero, a negative figure, a wrong hero and even a villain.  For some of the individuals he is a polar figure, and for some he is a fraud who has achieved this position by snatching away a reservation seat despite the fact that he is a Muslim. But the thing is not related to that as because as the fact is that he won’t be able to snatch away a seat as because a caste based reservation is not available.

He has even earned the image that, he is a “Blackmailer”, who just has the intention to earn name and fame by targeting rich and famous people and especially Bollywood stars. On the other hand he is also a brave officer and a messiah who has obeyed all the rules despite of the fact that how powerful his quarry is. As of now no such conclusion can be drawn, and henceforth every instinct has appeared from the subjectivity.

This is something with which we can sum up the facts as nothing is clear in the conclusion. After the arrest of Khan, has again raised a question, in the minds that how many actual officers are there in the country who are against violating the laws. Any of the officers who have made their name into headlines. With no doubt the one name which anyone would take up is the name of Wankhede, he is a prominent and a self-esteemed officer who stood up with law and not just that he holds the record for being the most famous officer across the country.

It is also quite a serendipitous situation condition as because the two of the most talked ranks in the country “IPS” and “IAS”, have also not been presented themselves for any good situation or condition. The present IPS, even the same in Mumbai, which shaped Wankhede, who is the present zonal narcotics chief. He is also a chief of the department, and in his own defense is siting the testimony of a young man, as he has charged with a crime which could lead to a possibility of a 10 year sentence behind the bars. He is such an officer who is absconding.


The IPS, IRS, IAS are the backbone of our country, and the representatives of these civil servant authorities are  Param Bir Singh, Sameer Wankhede and Vinod Rai . These individuals create the judicial portion of country, and these days the representatives have received a negative tag. And henceforth these three civil servant representative receive a negative tag that ultimately leads to the decline of the development.

These three tags have been the back of the representative of our country and thousands of young people work hard day and night, and fight amongst themselves to acquire a position, even making their parents work hard for them. Those sacrifices are not the loss for those who work hard but it is a decline for those who pass out negative comments to step down the prestigious position. The oath these officers are henceforth advised to take is all about the dedication towards the work and along with that he is ought to respect the constitution and his uniform.  

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