All You need to know about TALIBAN, Sharia rules, leaders of Taliban, etc.

Taliban Soldier

What is Taliban?

The Taliban, also known as the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA), is a Deobandi is an Islamic revivalist movement within Sunni (primarily Hanafi) Islam that formed around the Darul Uloom Islamic seminary in Deoband [Islamist]] movement and military organisation in Afghanistan, curtailing Mawlawi Hibatullah Akhundzada has been the Taliban's leader since 2016. The Taliban was reported to have 200,000 fighters in 2017.

What is Sharia rules?

Sharia, also known as Islamic law or Sharia law, is a religious law in the Islamic faith. It is based on Islamic religious precepts, primarily the Quran and hadith. The term sharah in Arabic refers to God's unchangeable divine rule, as opposed to fiqh, which refers to human intellectual interpretations. Between Muslim fundamentalists and modernists, the manner in which it is used in modern times has been a source of contention.

The Quran, sunnah (authentic hadith), qiyas (analogical reasoning), and ijma are the four sources of Sharia in traditional Islamic jurisprudence (juridical consensus).Various legal schools created methodology for drawing Sharia decisions from scriptural sources using a procedure known as ijtihad, the most important of which are Hanafi, Maliki, Shafii school, and Hanbali.  Traditional jurisprudence (fiqh) divides the law into two main branches: ibdt (rituals) and mumalt (social relations), which include a vast variety of themes.

Traditional jurisprudence (fiqh) divides the law into two main branches: ibdt (rituals) and mumalt (social relations), which include a vast variety of themes. Its decisions are based on ethical as well as legal principles, categorising activities into five categories: required, recommended, neutral, abhorred, and banned.As a result, some aspects of Sharia law correspond to the Western concept of law, while others correspond to living life in accordance with God's will.

Who are the leaders of Taliban 2021?

Haibatullah Akhundzada

The Taliban's top leader is Haibatullah Akhundzada. After the group's prior head, Akhtar Mohammad Mansour, was assassinated in a US drone attack in Pakistan, he took command in 2016.

Akhundzada, a cleric who was previously the Taliban's top judge, went to Pakistan in 2001 and taught at religious schools before rejoining the Taliban to serve under Mansour. He lacks military expertise, and since becoming the Taliban's de facto leader, he has attempted to improve the group's coffers, primarily through the narcotics trade, while also working to unite the group's factions and centralise authority. Akhundzada hasn't been seen in public in a long time.

Abdul Ghani Baradar

Abdul Ghani Baradar is the organization's chief political leader and served as a negotiator for peace talks in Doha, Qatar. He is also one of the Taliban's initial founders. He was imprisoned in Pakistan in 2010 before being released in 2018 at the US government's request so that he could lead the group in peace talks. Baradar was adamant about the evacuation of US forces, rebuffing an attempt by the Biden administration to postpone their departure in March. As part of a peace deal negotiated with the Taliban under President Donald Trump, the US promised to leave the nation.

After the signing of the accord in 2020, Baradar spoke with Trump, becoming the first Taliban commander to speak directly with a US president. On Sunday, after President Ashraf Ghani fled the nation, it was Baradar who spoke to the Afghan people. “We have achieved an unexpected victory....” In front of Allah, we should be humble,” Baradar stated in a statement released in Doha. “Now it's all about how we can best serve and secure our people and ensure their future.”

Mohammad Yaqoob

Mohammad Yaqoob, the Taliban's military chief, is the oldest son of the organization's founder, Mohammad Omar. Yaqoob is a relatively new face in the group who rose to prominence quickly after his father's death in 2013. Some experts consider him to be a moderate member of the extremist group.

According to the Associated Press, when the Taliban made rapid territorial gains last week, he encouraged fighters not to harm members of the Afghan military and administration, to desist from looting abandoned homes, and to ensure that marketplaces and shops remained open.

Sirajuddin Haqqani

Sirajuddin Haqqani, the son of Jalaluddin Haqqani, the founder of the Haqqani network, a Taliban offshoot recognised as a terrorist group by the US, may be less moderate.

During its mission in Afghanistan, the US-led coalition deemed eliminating the network, which is infamous for its devastating attacks, a top objective. By 2017, however, the gang had made a terrifying comeback, gathering 5,000 men in southeastern Afghanistan, all under the command of Sirajuddin Haqqani.

Is the Taliban threat to India ?

The Taliban's takeover of Afghanistan poses no real threat to India, according to experts. Omar Abdullah, the former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir and a leader of the National Conference, stated on Monday that the Taliban's takeover of Afghanistan poses no real threat to India because the country's borders are well-protected.

Abdullah said India had effectively curbed infiltrations in the last few years during an engagement with students from the Kautilya School of Public Policy at GITAM University, Hyderabad, at Rudraram. “Because India's borders are so robust, I don't see any influence on the Indian side of the border takeover by the Taliban,” he said. When asked how he would have handled the situation if he had been Prime Minister, Abdullah replied he would endeavour to provide humanitarian sanctuary to as many people as possible in India. In a lighter spirit, the NC leader stated that he will never have the opportunity to become Prime Minister and that he has no such ambitions.



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