10 Ways to Remove Negative Thoughts From Your Mind

10 Ways to Remove Negative Thoughts From Your Mind

10 Ways to Remove Negative Thoughts From Your Mind

Last year and this year a surge in Google searches for “how to stop negative thoughts in mind” or “how to stop negative thoughts ?” or “how to remove negative thoughts” has gone up exponentially. Lockdown and constant negative news worldwide have pushed people into a dark hole where some of us even feel guilty to think positively in such uncertain times. If you take social media like Instagram all you see are reports of COVID impacting your fellow human beings, if you use Twitter all you see is the plea for help and the death number constantly increasing in these circumstances you are left to think that is there any positivity left around in this world? Should I be guilty of being happy at this time? More often or not this leads people to even have anxiety seeing the constant increase in the death toll. You worry about yourself, your parents, your grandparents, your family basically each and everyone near and dear to us. This leads us to over-worrying which further leads to us having a negative perspective in these critical times. Some of us fail to even come out of this negative perspective and start thinking negatively for days, weeks, and months and with lockdown again things have only gone from bad to worse.

I personally have been at your place too and I would like to share my 10 ways to help you deal with these constant negative thoughts in your mind.

Here is the list of methods to remove negative thoughts from the mind

1. Detox social media time

2. Culinary Therapy

3. Rose-Bud-Thorn Therapy

4. Meditation

5. Learn a new hobby

6. Physically Move out of Your Negative Thoughts

7. Set A Time Limit

8. Exaggerate it to Ridiculousness

9. Practice self-love

10. Retail Therapy

1)Detox social media time

Detox social media time- Remove Negative Thoughts From Your Mind

Detox social media time- Remove Negative Thoughts From Your Mind

In these times when we have news at the drop of a hat and is easily available at the palm of our hand through social media, it is also important to realize that your mind shapes up to what you consume. Constant consumption of news that severely subjects negative aspects right now might be affecting your mental health. Therefore it is important that out of 12hrs of our day's time we limit our screen time and social media time. As right as it's work from home I understand that limiting screen time might not be a luxury we all can afford but here is what I like to do. My sleep time is 11:00 pm so 2 hrs. Before I try not to use my mobile phone at all (DND and mute notifications are of great help here). This method helps to remove negative thoughts in the mind.

2) Culinary Therapy

Culinary Therapy- Remove Negative Thoughts From Your Mind

Culinary Therapy- Remove Negative Thoughts From Your Mind

It's scientifically proven that cooking is indeed the best therapy so in case of overwhelming emotions it’s best to step into your kitchen and cook and cook yourself a home-cooked meal, it can be your comfort food like dal-rice or even some exotic cuisine goal is to get up and cook something that gives you the feeling of love and care. Also after cooking it’s important to clean up the area of course due to hygiene issues but cleaning up after the mess always helps you gather a sense of control and accomplishment. Therefore one habit I have developed is that of cooking a homemade breakfast every morning not only is that healthy it also helps me develop a sense of accomplishment.

3) Rose-Bud-Thorn Therapy

Rose-Bud-Thorn Therapy- Remove Negative Thoughts From Your Mind

Rose-Bud-Thorn Therapy- Remove Negative Thoughts From Your Mind

This is something I earned during my college days. Rose means something that was the best part of the day Bud means something that you look forward to and Thorn means something negative that happened. This helps us to identify the negative elements that may be affecting us and work on them. This also means that we are forced to recognize the positive elements of our day to therefore making us focus on positive things helping us to keep negative thoughts at bay


Meditation- Remove Negative Thoughts From Your Mind

Meditation- Remove Negative Thoughts From Your Mind

Is there anything meditation can do? I guess NOT. On a serious note, meditation helps you maintain composure and relax posture even during stressful times. It helps you with breathing that eventually helps you with calming yourself down in case the negative thoughts take too much off your mind space. I would suggest giving some time to meditation. This is the quickest way to get out of negative thoughts but it is one of the most guaranteed ways out.

5) Learn a new hobby

Learn a new hobby- Remove Negative Thoughts From Your Mind

Learn a new hobby- Remove Negative Thoughts From Your Mind

Learning something new always consumes your mind and makes you feel hyped about the experience leaving you no time to have negative thoughts. You can learn to paint, write, cook, sew anything you like. This will not only add to your skills list, but it will also help you divert your mind and get it all excited for something new and unknown. Learning new things helps because as much as it diverts your mind it also actually boosts your mind and confidence gives you a new perspective and helps you believe in yourself.

6) Physically Move out of Your Negative Thoughts

This requires you to treat a certain space as your thinking zone. For example, you are sitting in your kitchen carried away by your negative thoughts in this trick you are required to treat the kitchen as your “thinking zone” and when you get overwhelmed by thinking you can move out of the space take a stroll down the street there for leaving behind you thinking. This might be difficult to practice but trust me it works wonders. It requires your body to do some physical activity like dance, walk, and jog. This helps in physically tiring your brain out leaving it with less energy to think negatively. 

7)Set a Time Limit

Set a Time Limit- Remove Negative Thoughts From Your Mind

Set a Time Limit- Remove Negative Thoughts From Your Mind

This technique might seem weird at first but trust me when I say it really does work. So in this technique, you schedule your “worry time” which means you fix one time from the whole day like 9 pm to 10 pm only to worry. This teaches your mind and even body to be less negative during the rest of the day as they get into the habit that there is a schedule to worry about. I know it sounds ridiculous at first, but when you practice this, you realize that this works. Though you have to be regular with this one, a missed day or week will not help. 

8)Exaggerate it to Ridiculousness

Exaggerate it to Ridiculousness- Remove Negative Thoughts From Your Mind

Exaggerate it to Ridiculousness- Remove Negative Thoughts From Your Mind

Okay, this is a funny one. So basically in this one you take your negative thought like “I will fail the exam” and exaggerate it to ridiculousness something that is not even practically possible like “like I will fail the exam and then earth will crack and it will divide into two-piece” or “I will fail the exam and then the moon will hit earth and earth will leave milky way” something as stupid as it gets or as idiotic as it sounds. This will divert your mind from negative thoughts to funny one and you will honestly be surprised at how crazy and stupid your mind can think. This also takes away the scary part and your mind automatically believes that this will never come true and your fears are false.

9) Practice self-love

Practice self-love- Remove Negative Thoughts From Your Mind

Practice self-love- Remove Negative Thoughts From Your Mind

This can be in the form of skincare. Make a face pack. Or go get that pedicure or manicure. Or give yourself a good massage. Anything that makes your body feel loved and cared for. Give yourself a hair champi or maybe a haircut. This helps your body to relax and be sure of the fact that it is loved and taken care of. One of my favorite ways is to paint my nails. You can also get creative and paint on your canvas or maybe write down a poem. This will help you and your mind to look forward to things rather than just giving up on yourself. It will give you a feeling of self-worth and make you also realize that you are your own favorite and nobody looks after you the way you do. If you are into dance I would suggest learning new choreography.

10) Retail Therapy

This might be on a bit expensive side but if it is what makes you happy then we are no one to put a price tag on it. I generally use this as a reward system where I will go and buy something purely to my liking if I completed a certain task. To keep me on the budget I set a monthly and sometimes a weekly budget for this like 50Rs 100Rs whatever I could lend at that time. Always remember over of anything is harmful so make sure while you spend your money you don’t overdo it yourself after all being broke is not our goal either

Retail Therapy- Remove Negative Thoughts From Your Mind

Retail Therapy- Remove Negative Thoughts From Your Mind

These are a few ways I keep my negative thoughts at bay and I hope you find them useful. In case if you feel that there is no way out of your negative zone please feel free to ask for mental help. There is no shame and no disgrace and no wrong in asking for mental health help. There are many toll-free numbers available on google and it is always the best option to consult a professional when it comes to your mental, emotional and physical well-being. Also, remember to be kind to others and yourself. Everyone makes mistakes and life is all about learning from those mistakes. No matter what, don't forget that you are not alone. Many people in this world feel the same as you do and yes always remember you are WORTH it. Never let anybody even yourself question your self-worth. As said by the great proverb “light is at the end of the tunnel” always remember that negative thoughts aren't always true and most importantly lead from you stress but no matter what there is always a brighter side a light a reason to smile and go that extra mile for yourself.

What causes negative thinking?

Negative thinking often results due to underlying stress, something that you fear or don't want to happen. Negative thinking often also comes from a lack of self-belief and awareness.

How do you remove negative thoughts?

Details are given above, Use these simple methods and schedules in your daily life and remove your negative thoughts.



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